HACHIKO STUDIO - part of Hachiko Branding
Hachiko is a design studio based in Brazil, working for around the world. It is run by a DESIGNER and ART DIRECTOR with 20 years of experience working for clients such as Audi, BMW, Coca-Cola, Häagen-Dazs, International Trucks, Jaguar, Mastercard, Miller Brewing Company, Mini Cooper, Mizuno, Pepsi, Peugeot, Visa, Volkswagen, Whiskas among others.
Hachiko was a japanese Akita dog. He was known for his extreme loyalty to his owner whom he accompanied every morning to the Shibuya train station and returned at the end of the day to wait for him in the same place. Unaware of the death of his owner, Hachiko remained faithful and waiting for him at the train station for another nine years, until the end of his life.

Both Hachiko and the Akita breed are examples of loyalty and friendship in japanese culture. His legend has been known in Japan for decades, symbolized through books, movies and a famous statue in Shibuya - Tokyo, a place that celebrates friendship. And so we take Hachiko as a symbol to put ourselves on the market and be true to our principles: partnership, loyalty to the values of our clients and respect to their purposes.